Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

We recognize the importance of developing a planned approach for reaching customers in today’s digital environment. Chatterspot is designed to provide businesses an easy to use data management platform for reaching current and prospective customers with targeted and relevant messaging. Customer retention is achieved through improving your knowledge about their wants and needs. Using custom profiling, we help businesses create, send and track personalized text & email messages directly to the customer’s mobile device.

Click on the image to see a video about how text messaging and mobile customer communication can help drive more traffic to your business.

Social Marketing Solutions

No marketing platform would be complete without social media.

Chatterspot gives your company the ability to create and execute a social marketing strategy for your business. We help you design a plan for delivering relevant content directly to your current and prospective customers through social media. We help you understand the always changing landscape of socially engaging customers.

This social media strategy will work strategically in conjunction with your digital and direct mail solutions to create a more unified message across the multi-channel buying process throughout a customer’s lifecycle.

Traditional Marketing Solutions

Chatterspot takes a proprietary approach to Direct Mail Marketing by seamlessly integrating this traditional method of targeting customers, into your management strategy. The Helm Technologies founders have 25 year experience in the Direct Mail business, ensuring you can trust we know how to effectively incorporate this into your overall customer communication strategy.

This targeted direct mail solution provides the ability for your business to synchronize a marketing event to engage customers across mobile, digital, social and geographic customer areas.